Schrijf je nu in voor DIGITAL INNOVATION DAY in Utrecht (29 september 2016)

Workshop Big Data & Open Data


Interaction between customers and organizations has never been more dynamic and comprehensive. Those who are able to execute on the opportunities offered in the digitalized world will make the difference and explore new opportunities.

Innovation is a continuous process, so you have to innovate by design. This means willingness to change and commitment to bring the appropriate resources to the table. These are the key ingredients for success. Many2More helps organizations drive digital innovation. We challenge existing patterns and daily routines. We will come up with alternative ways to do things smarter, nicer, faster, bigger and or cheaper. That’s what we do and that’s what we’re good at.

“If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance.” 

Wright Brothers

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We live in a digital age. Digitalization has impact on every stage of the customer life cycle. How information is gathered, services are being provided and opinions are shared. Organizations that are able to execute upon the opportunities given by this digital world, will improve the overall experience  of their customer.

Digitalization also means access to an unlimited amount of Data. Being able to translate this data into useful information can have a large impact on the way you run your business. From R&D, product development, marketing, sales and finance ’till customer care and customer retention. As experienced marketeers and data analysts we understand social communication and customer engagement models. We know what is needed to turn the opportunities of digital innovation into sustainable value to your business.

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Steve might be on to something..

  • “Being the largest association for health professionals in The Netherlands we know that digitalization is one of the biggest game changers the industry has seen in decades. Together with Many2More we developed the Mobile Doctors platform. Here we successfully connect the front-runners on applied digital innovation in health with the professionals that want to catch up.”

  • “As Europe’s biggest ticketing and live entertainment company we know that our business model will shift the upcoming years. We have to develop new digital and more data driven services and for us Many2More is an inspiring partner to make that transition.”

  • “Two days with my management team in a pressure cooker session with Many2More gave us a lot of inspiring new insights.”